The Reason For Your Miracle Part 3: Wait For His Best

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The servants follow Jesus instructions and take the water to the master of the feast. Now listen carefully to what he says in verses 9 & 10…

Read John 2:9-10

    The master of the feast is like your modern day wedding planner. He had no idea what had just happened. However the servants who obeyed Jesus did. He was expecting to receive inferior wine at the end of the wedding celebration but instead he experienced the best wine at the end. Now to those of you that need miracle

 from God, watch this. If you need a miracle in your life you’ve got to 

Wait for His Best

    If you aren't willing to wait for God's best, you could miss your miracle altogether or receive something inferior because of your impatience.

I: Waiting for the right spouse. Stop selling yourself short.

    One of the most beautiful things about this story is that the master of the feast and the guests were drinking the best wine, symbolic of the blood of Jesus, without even being aware of what Jesus did. They were receiving benefits of the merit of the blood of Jesus and his sacrifice for sin before they even realized what He did for them. We benefit from the blood of Jesus, salvation before we even accept it. This is what the Bible says in Romans 5:8, “but God demonstrates his own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” He did it while we were still sinners, while we were still in our mess, while we still were clubbing, while we were still smoking weed, while he was still sleeping around, while we were still looking at pornography, while we were still too busy doing Church ministry that we had no time for Him, yes even before we were even born Jesus Christ died for us! 

    You see, to appreciate what Jesus is saying through this miracle, you have to understand the sequence of the story of salvation, beginning in Genesis. The story of redemption begins with Pre-Creation, and it moves to Creation and then The Fall in Genesis 3. And then from Genesis 3 all the way throughout the rest of the Old Testament is known as The Promises. God is passionately pursuing His unfaithful people through a series of ever-enlarging covenantal promises that would ultimately be fulfilled in the life, ministry and sacrifice of Jesus the Messiah. So when Jesus steps on to the scene of human history, into the epic story of our salvation, God has saved His best for last! Jesus is God’s best! Even in the ministry of Jesus, He saves His greatest revelation of His love for humanity for last, at the cross. You see God knows what it's like to wait 4000 years before giving you His best in the sacrifice of His beloved Son.

    You see receiving God's best for your life requires patience. That's why when the Bible describes God's last day church in Revelation 14:12, the Bible says, “Here is the patients of the saints; here are those who keep the Commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus.” You see the story of salvation is not over. After the promises is the Messiah. After the Messiah is his bride. We are right now living in the final scenes of the story of his bride. Remember that I said God loves marriage and likens you, His church to a bride. Soon we will enter into last chapter of the story of redemption. This last chapter is called re-creation. You see Seventh-day Adventist Christians no something about waiting for God's best. Since 1844, we have known through Bible prophecy that the final chapter of Re-Creation will soon be ushered in by the second coming of Jesus Christ. Our greatest passion and deepest longing is to see Jesus. He is still God's best and we are waiting for Him.

    If you want to receive God's miracle in your life you've got to be willing to wait for his best. Stop selling yourself short. Stop settling for the inferior. Stop rushing into relationships that God has not ordained. Don't pursue professional opportunities that God does not make clear is from Him. Wait for God's best!

T: If you want to receive your miracle RPC, and you've got to do like the wedding in Cana. You got to invite Jesus into your situation. Then you've got to do what He tells you to do. And finally, you've got to wait for His best. However, some of us are asking for miracles with the wrong motive. You're not receiving your miracle because you don't know the reason for your miracle. Jesus gives us the answer inverse 11…

Read John 2:11