Starting a relationship with Jesus is a journey and I am happy to help you get started.

Connect with Jesus...

Accept Him as Savior and Lord. Start daily devotional life in Christ.

...His Truth

Follow the discipleship study curriculum (TruthLINK

...His Church

through baptism (or profession of faith).

Grow in Jesus...

Personally - Continue daily devotional life in Christ.

In Community - Gather weekly for spiritual growth, food, fellowship and disciple making


Serve with Jesus...

Based on spiritual gifts. Take spiritual gifts assessment. Then get placed in a ministry based on how the Spirit ha gifted you.

Share Jesus...

  1. Pray daily for at least 5 new disciples
  2. Be aware of opportunities the Spirit gives you (in your sphere of influence)
  3. Build trust and relationship
  4. Tell your story
  5. Tell His Story, as the Spirit indicates they are ready
  6. Invite them to Grow Group
  7. When they are ready, invite them to worship service or church event
  8. When they “Connect with Jesus” mentor them through this same discipleship process. 
  9. Peer Mentor up to 3 new disciples at a time. Multiple until leading a group of 12. Then multiply groups.