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The Gospel of John 36 Day Plan

If you are new to a relationship with Jesus through daily reading, meditating and journaling through Scripture, then you are going to love this plan! 

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New Testament One Year Plan

Read the New Testament as the continuation of the Story in the Old Testament and the fulfillment of all it's promises in Jesus Christ! 

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OLD & New Testament One Year Plan

If you are fairly familiar with scripture or have completed the New Testament reading plan and are ready to take your relationship with Jesus to the next level, then read both Old & New Testament portions of the daily bible reading plan.

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Old & New Testament Plus Commentary Plan

If you are pretty familiar with the bible or have read the entire bible through, and you are ready to get even deeper insights into the scriptures you're reading each day, then read both Old & New Testament scriptures for the day along with the gospel saturated, inspired commentary from the selected Conflict of the Ages reading