Life in Christ

Many people hear phrases like “have a relationship with Jesus” or “you’ve got to know God” and go into intellectual neutral. In this seminar what often feels like an abstract concept will be made practical. Learn the most critical, yet joy-filled part of being a disciple of Jesus Christ in your daily life.

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Pastoring an Online Church

So your church has a relevant website. Great. You also live stream your services. Wonderful! But how do you go from merely making your service available for viewing and listening to intentionally discipling people who now form your online community? This mission driven seminar will help you do that practically.

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Experiencing God's Love Through Small Groups.001.jpeg

 Experience God's Love Through Small Groups

Small groups are not just a structure or system to help your church grow or merely nurture and retain members. In this seminar you will discover the astonishing reality that they are primarily a way to know and make known the incredible love of God. 

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