Featured Devotional Messages

These special feature devotional messages are designed to draw you to a deeper faith in Jesus through His word. Let your heart and mind be captivated by the love of God as revealed in Jesus Christ and Him Crucified for your salvation. Subscribe to our channel. Watch... Share and... Make Jesus go viral!


Give Him Your Trash

Did you know Someone paid the supreme price for your sins? Watch as CJ Cousins shares how One persons gift can change your life.


God, The Eternal Father

Did you know God is the eternal Father? Watch as CJ Cousins talks about his paternal father and how God is your eternal father.

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Love Letters

CJ Cousins talks about God's Love Letters, the Bible. God's love letters, the Bible, are His reliable source for communicating His love to you on a daily basis and the tool the Holy Spirit uses to bring you to Jesus.